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Once I needed to build some J2EE code. I also thought I should use ANT to do so (well, you know, portability and all that). Well, every time I use ANT, I curse two things: the way JAVA compiler is desinged, so there are no header files to build dependencies against and that makes compilation using make is not at all that obvious; and that problem made a good soil for things like ANT, and, then, ANT, for being what it is. All I wanted was to have one of three (or more) environment variables to be detected, driving the choice of the J2EE container, and thus picking the right source for J2EE libraries jar file location. When I realized that I'm facing about 100 lines of code if I want to get there, I gave up, and thought that, well, J2EE is just API, and I don't really need a container in order to only compile my classes. Poking around I didn't find anything that resembled just skeletons to compile any J2EE compliant code against. So, I came up with my own.

What you're looking at here is not, in any way, an implementation of J2EE. It is a mere set of compiled JAVA classes that comply to J2EE APIs. Currently, J2EE APIs version 1.3 and 1.4 are available. The way this library is created, is that, every method, that needs to be implemented in J2EE is implemented, with empty method body. In case return value is required, there is a bogus return instruction. In some rare cases, there is written code to call specific super constructurs, in case super class doesn't provide default constructor accessible by the classes inherting it.

The way you should use it is during compilation time only. So your code can be compiled, and there are no dependencies on any external entity (i.e. J2EE container, or, sometimes called "application server") during compilation time.

I'm not really sure how "distributable" this things are. Basically, there is no code, but the API belongs to Sun Microsytems, Inc.. I guess you better check with them if you want to redistribute any of the files you've downloaded here.

I also do not provide any warranty or liability of any kind, associated with you using the jars downloaded from this page. If you find that there is an error in any of the jars, please let me know by email at, and I'll eventually get it fixed.

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(C) Pawel S. Veselov, 2005.

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