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It's a standard "Lines" game, implemented as a curses application.
In 1.0.4, a manual page was added, CLINES(6).

Why and How

Some time back in 2002 my daughter were just born, and my wife were playing these Lines on PC, to kill time and of being exhausted to do anything else. We were moving to another apartment. The day right before we were supposed to move, I got a call from the appartment manager, telling me the appartment wasn't ready. And it wouldn't be. For 2 more weeks. I politely explained the manager, that there is no way he's telling me that the day before the move. He had a vivid imagination on how he could fix it, but we ended up agreeing on him giving me a model, and a garage to store all my stuff. I didn't want to deploy my hdarware fleet, considering there were no phone/cable in the model anyway. So, for two weeks, all we had was my i586 laptop, with 32Mb of memory and RedHat 8, without X, since the disk was too small. When I told my wife that, the first thing she said was how is she gonna play her Lines. Well, little choice there was, so I wrote one. I think it took me a little under a week, since I couldn't do it at work, I don't really remember. My wife never played them, or never played any Lines again :)

This was abandoned until 2006, when a friend of mine was visiting the area. I got to tell him this story as something triggered my memory, and I wanted to show him the game. I don't have that laptop anymore, and my primary system at home is OpenBSD. The game, though did compile, didn't work on OpenBSD, dumping it's core almost upon startup. So, I shook it up, fixed some bugs, and released it publically.

The game should work on any UNIX system, and was proven to work in CygWin environment as well (www.cygwin.com).

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