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To prepare workspace for bulding from SCCS, do the following:

$ cd <where is your repository>
$ get build
build 1.6: 103 lines
That's it. build script will do all the rest whether you have reporitory or just sources.

>>>  If you didn't install BitKeeper repository of xview, you can start from here.

Run the build script to find out whether you platform is supported or not:

$ ./build

Available compilation types:

        lxlibc   -  linux, libc5 library
        solcc    -  Solaris 2.0, native C compiler
        solgcc   -  Solaris 2.0, GNU C compiler


Let's say that for example you have linux libc, then:

$ ./build lxlibc
Trying to get all the workspace from SCCS... Please wait
* The build environment is now prepared.
* To customize file locations, edit file
*         prefixes,
* located at /tmp/xview
* After you done, go to /tmp/xview/Build and
* type 'gmake all'

Of course, /tmp/xview would be substituted with the location you have.

Now, edit file prefixes, it's quite plain. Then cd to Build directory and type gmake

To install the package, become root, and type gmake install. That would install packages to the path you set in prefixes file.

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