Got a Windoze keyboard connected
to your un*x PC and want to make those new keys work ?
Okay, here you can find out how to do this.

At first, you need to set proper key mapping to this new keys. Windoze keyboard has three new keys - one on the left side and two on the right one. I'll call them WinLeft (between left Ctrl and Alt), WinRight (next right to right Alt) and WinSelect (next left to right Ctrl).

To bind this keys to something you need to define their names. This is task for xmodmap program. X key codes for this keys are:

  1. WinLeft - 115 ( Scan keycode = 125 )
  2. WinRight - 116 ( Scan keycode = 126 )
  3. WinSelect - 117 ( Scan keycode = 127 )
Depending on how you loading your X environment you should pass the following lines to xmodmap:
keycode	115 = SunOpen
keycode	116 = SunFront
keycode 117 = SunProps

Okay, okay, of course those names (Sunxxxx) are optional. You could choose whatever you want, just be sured they are free. And, certainly, you could just add this keys to already mapped ones, creating key aliases. I just chose names listed above. You can look into header file <X11/keysymdef.h> or the keysym database <XRoot>/lib/X11/XKeysymDB to find all availables keysym names. To call file with such definition use

xmodmap <filename>
To run this automatically each time put this call to your .xinitc file or add this lines to system xmodmap table. More information you could get from running 'man xmodmap' from un*x prompt.

Now, how to make Open Look window manager (olwm or olvwm) understand this keys. It's easy. You need to add the following lines to your .Xdefault file ( if you don't have it, create this file ):

OpenWindows.MenuAccelerator.OpenClose:		SunOpen
OpenWindows.KeyboardCommand.RaiseLower:		SunFront
OpenWindows.MenuAccelerator.FullRestore:	SunProps
Once more, it's just an example. You can bind this keys to different actions ( MenuAccelerators or KeyboardCommands - no sense). To find out resource list and resource type list, type 'man olwm' to your un*x prompt.

(C) Pawel S. Veselov, 1997.

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