I was using OpenLook virtual window manager for a long time. Got kind of addicted to it. But being a Java developer was always giving me a hard time, since OpenLook doesn't support or has a lot of bugs that prevent Java AWT or Swing applications to run.
So I started looking for something more modern and well-supported window manager, but I also wanted to save as many features that I so liked in olvwm (that are quite unexplainable :). My final choice was Window Maker. For some reasons, I saw other people used it, it shouldn't be worse then something else, and navigating through it's source code I didn't find it too complicated.

The set of the following patches were created during cutomization of Window Maker so it fits what I want it to. It also took me some time to modify the preferences, but something can't be changed from there, hence the vim.

The list of what was fixed, changed or enhanced:

Available for 0.80.0

Here is the list of that I plan to change:


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